Organizations currently using BPC MS have embraced EPM + Excel in a unified solution with one version of the truth across their organization for many years successfully. However, SAP BPC MS customers are reaching the end of the roadmap with their solutions as BPC MS is no longer being developed and will end its support life in the coming years. The option offered by SAP is to convert to BPC 11. While an option, it requires additional staff or migration to a cloud based BW solution.

EPM industry has finally embraced cloud-based solutions that are easy to deploy and strategically aligned to grow with your business. The ROI on EPM software is fully maximized when it is utilized throughout an organization and compliments business transformation efforts.  

It is time to rethink your organization’s CPM solution

How can Jedox solve your BPC MS roadmap issue?

  • Jedox is a unified platform that combines the powerful Jedox in-memory database with intuitive user interfaces for planning, analytics, and reporting and self-service data integration and preparation. Jedox is ISO/IEC27000 certified for information security management and maintains enterprise-class security standards such as user authentication with single sign-on (SSO) and SSL encryption.


  • Excel, Web & Mobile solutions for data gathering and Reporting

    • Jedox Excel Add-in: The Jedox Excel Add-in gives you full BI and EPM capabilities – from flexible data modeling to ad hoc analytics, KPI reporting, collaborative planning, and predictive analytics – right in your familiar spreadsheet environment. Seamlessly present Jedox data and visualizations through the Jedox Word and Powerpoint add-ins.

    • Jedox Web: With Jedox Web you get the same rich functionality as with the Jedox Excel Add-in. Collaborate, share and capture data, and explore dashboards and reports – anytime, anywhere. Planners get an easy-to-use application with status dashboards, top-down targets, approval workflows, and full writeback of figures and comments to the database.

    • Jedox Mobile: The Jedox Mobile App for iOS and Android offers instant access to all your corporate data via dashboards, reports, ad-hoc analysis, and planning with powerful write-back capabilities


  • Jedox In-Memory Database: The multidimensional, in-memory database (OLAP) is the core of Jedox and provides a highly scalable analytics engine that delivers real-time performance over volatile enterprise data. The engine powers complex budgeting, planning, and forecasting with in-memory rules modeling, advanced analytics, instant consolidations, and reporting over large multidimensional datasets.

  • Jedox Integrator gives you full extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) capabilities for self-service connectivity to any data source in the cloud or on-premises. Integrator includes a wide array of wizard-based transforms that accelerate setup and integration and supports a rich set of languages, such as the statistical language “R”.

How do you analyze if Jedox is a good fit for organization? 

Information gathering is key to analyzing if Jedox is a good fit for your organization. As a team, Empower Analytics believes every good software selection process and EPM implementation begins with information. We offer a free EPM Review to all customers interested in seeing where they are on their CPM transformation path. Click on the START A EPM MATURITY REVIEW button below to get more informatio